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September 25, 2009


How you like that? The professional football pictured above is Touraj “T. J.” Houshmandzadeh, Jr. That picture is slightly outdated because he apparently plays for the Seattle Seahawks now. So the point of this post is to point out that THAT’S FAM. According to our mutual friend Wikipedia, he is “of African-American and Iranian descent.” I’m Iranian, and, despite not really caring about the NFL, it’s pretty cool to see a fellow Iranian-American doing it big (he’s one of the better receivers in the game). Also, the reference in the heading and first line of this post is from Himanshu’s verse on “Jungle Fever,” which is also pretty cool. That song was definitely a turning point for my appreciation of Das Racist. Basically I was like OK THESE GUYS ARE REAL SERIOUS, HUH? And immediately afterwards I became a superstan. Here are some gems from his verse:

I’m Dominican, I’m Mexican / I’m Peruvian, I’m kidding man / I’m Indian, I’m Punjabi / You can try, but you won’t rob me


I’m like, I’m like / I’m like Che Guevera / with Che Guevera t-shirt on

(referencing, parodying, and updating Hova’s “I’m like Che Guevera with bling on / I’m complex”)


You be actin shady / And I can act rude / I can act maybe / Street cred, ask my black dude / that act crazy / his name is Victor / Well, yea, he half black / He half nice / But yo he half whack / He half dope / And… / He half crack / And I’m an Afrocentric asian, dog / how you like that?

Dope right? I’ve only talked about Hima here, but duh both KOOL A.D. and KirLeif are dope. I’m talking mindboggling dopeness. Definitely check them out on that track, on other Das Racist songs, and on their other solo stuff. Peep KOOL A.D. at and Leif at


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  1. September 25, 2009 9:19 PM

    Afrocentric Asian is actually from Nation of Islam cosmology. Elijah Muhammad called himself that (explaining why someone born in Georgia would attempt to speak in an “Arabic” accent). Also, the splinter movement of the NOI called the Five Percenters, also adopted the Afro-Asian metaphor. Big Daddy Kane called himself “King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal.”

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