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October 12, 2009

I became enamored with (according to iDictionary (it’s not called that, I know) “enamored of” is the proper formulation, but whateva) Jay Smooth this past summer. Way belated. But yea, in case you’re not familiar with his work, he’s incredible. I mostly know him through his videos, which are, to name a few qualities, refreshing, concise, articulate, funny, and well-informed. Here is his latest video

which is sweet for a variety of reasons. Here, in my opinion, is one of those reasons: it’s an apt, hilarious, and informative description of the creative process. And it’s in an “ideal” metaphor in a way. Not only does Jay provide a refreshing insight regarding the “tenor/target” (video-making), but he also present the “vehicle/source” (50 caramels) in such a way that is refreshing and enlightening in itself. I never ate 50 caramels but I can definitely relate. As a writer and as someone who recently ruined iced coffee for himself.

So yea, on this fine Monday I’d like to thank Wikipedia for providing me with the structural terminology of metaphors, Jay Smooth for being teh awesome, and you, dear reader, for faithfully watching me as I stay eating 50 caramels.

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  1. S. Sommers permalink
    October 13, 2009 1:18 AM

    yes, yes, yes. wow, i need to pay more attention to video.
    PS my teeth hurt now.

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