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December 30, 2009

i will learn all the languages!
i will be the language artist! +
i will superproduce! quality &
quantity! 1st of course i’d start
w/ the foundation greek then
latin of course altho i’m not sure
about latin (no homer) guess
i’ll have to man up & just do it
from there it gets complicated
french 1st i guess then italian
actually i’ll probly wanna read
the bible so i’ll have to learn uh
hebrew too actually that’s before
french but then french & then
italian for dante of course uhh
maybe middle english? chaucer’s
mad funny wife of bath is some
crazy shit! my mom says learn
spanish it’s useful but i’m an artist
well actually there’s don quixote
also why is shakespeare hard
mad geeks like him i’m not a geek
dungeons & dragons! pshh then
i guess german man i feel awk in
english not even to mention farsi

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