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They Call Him David

August 3, 2010

So I’m mad late, but I’ve been reading and enjoying David’s blog. If you’re not familiar with its premise (I wasn’t), or if it’s not self-evident to you (it wasn’t to me), there’s a brief introduction by Jon Caramanica at the NYT. But yea, Pitchforkreviewviews dude wrote this.

if you can find something worthwhile in a record as loathed as Rebirth, past however uncool it is, there’s a future reward in that too — in one of Nitsuh Abebe’s Why We Fight columns he writes about stuff that used to sound corny sounding fresh again, and stuff that used to sound fresh sounding corny. i bet sometime soon, some forward-thinking indie band will make a record that uses the same rock signifiers and effects as Rebirth, the Godsmack drum fills and Three Doors Down guitar solos and Nickleback production and Fall Out Boy’s sense of lyrical subtlty, but it’ll be a little off-kilter, and it’ll get Best New Music because it’s risky and no one will have yet repurposed those signifiers to hip ends (in the way that Kurt Cobain famously repurposed hair metal’s volume and aggression to his own ends, here’s hoping some kids blow Nickleback out of the water in a similar way you know?), and people will download it and comment on Brooklynvegan saying “damn this is a fucking revelation” but you will have given Rebirth a chance and so it won’t be such a revelation to you, and that’s what makes you cool 😉

Best use of an emoticon evar?

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