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August 12, 2010

Thought I’d post the lyrics to WI-FI.

[DIG1TA1 D00D]

D1G1TA1 D00D, every deed I do is digital

D1G1 motherfucker, every thought I think is cynical

Y’all tautological, D1G1 D00D is cyclical

Catch me brag again up to digital shenanigans

D1G1 actin up now I’m caught in a branigan

Irish Obama O’Connor Flan again

Flannery apparent he ain’t rapped in a minute

But I got it back, burlappin em bitches

Listen, I can feel myself get stupider

Download the dude who’s a computer nerd from jupiter

A hooters shirt on lucifer how peculiar

Like a brown man writin rap in Fort Juniper


And I’m internet famous, steel stainless

Watch me cook with it, digital ignoramus

Still brainless, dick and an anus

And I shan’t refrain no hook here refrainless

Put your heart on my card and I’ll miss payments

Go to Vegas stay in Vegas eat rutabagas

And bagles … with maple syrup

In Naples … the fabled cherub

The cleric … and his clerical fees

D1G1 clairvoyant with hysterical dreams


Yeah, Wi-fi, hook me up now I ‘m infected,

High spy, governmentally corrected brain –

Blown fuse set me free from socially,

Critically untraceable so detatched emotionally,

Interweb stalker in an ATAT walker,

Or whatever I so choose Bruce Wayne or Peter Parker – LARPer,

Harpsichord demonoid pop-up blocker, I’m a

cock-blocker, cock-bopper, Kids bop rocker mocker,

Internet, pi-ret, pyrex dish

put me in the oven now I’m baked like baked fish,

I’m on a wire but I’m wireless, rigid in life pigeonholed in a real life fish bowl,

Fight with six year old trolls, with a word sword,

Slice! Hear the Wu before the Tang, big bang,

Kaboom, we hear the news before we hear the noise,

Online circulation light speed interpretation,

Barrage of sounds from chant shit to HOVA,

Left over from all this is my dolce stile nuova,

Uh, my minds drifting here to Lisbon,

You barely catch my thoughts then I’m ghost like Ibsen.

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